Steel Metalwork

Project details

Assessment:  Firstly we received access to all documentation, reports and structure of the company.

Business strategy:   The next step was to draft a business strategy for business' future deelopment over a period of 2, 5 and 10 years.

Market research:  An optimized business always starts with the team optimization.

This nationwide retailer company needed to setup all hardware and software for 5 of their newest offices. We did that and on top of it, we’re currently managing all of their IT due diligence!
As usually with any company we cooperate with, including the case of the Morgan Motors, the whole process has been subjected to 6 distinct and important stages of work:

– Business’ current state of affairs and scope of work assessment

– Developing a profound, in-depth, short, mid and long-term business strategy in accordance with our vision and in consultancy with company’s top managers

– Performing an elaborated optimization for all Recruiting & Human Resources processes, which eventually form the future of work dynamics (hence results) of any given company, including Morgan Motors